Our team


Muscle Melt has a committed team who are here to help you.

Below you will find a short biography on each of us.


Who: Emmie


What: Remedial Massage Therapist and Advanced Dorn Therapist


Specialist Areas: Emmie has training in various methods of helping the human body. Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage, Dorn Therapy, Reflexology and more. She uses the tools she has learnt over time to try and help each person for what they are, an individual.

Who: Admin and Marketing Troll


What: Slave to the Muscle Melt cause.


Speciality Areas: The Troll has a huge variety of skills, many of which do not, should not and will not be mentioned. However, they do cover wading through the depths of emails, webpages, marketing design, business growth, invoicing and paper work associated with keeping the Muscle Melt Team helping you.


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Where to find us


Fraserburgh Fitness Centre, Maconochie Road, James Ramsey Park


AB43 8TH