Muscle Melt : Who are we and what can we offer you?


Suffering from a sporting or everyday injury? Aches, pains, stress or tension? Are you over worked? Have you over exercised? Perhaps you are preparing for, or recovering from a competition.

For all your muscular aches and pains call in the experts and get the treatment you deserve, why suffer unnecessarily when relief is just a phone call away.

What to expect on your first visit.


Often, the scariest part of going to get a treatment somewhere new, is not knowing what will happen or what you need to wear. We hope the following will help with those nerves and you can be more relaxed as you walk through the door at Muscle Melt.

It’s usually once you have booked your appointment your brain will fly into overdrive worrying about what will happen when you get there.  Here are some words to help calm those pre visit nerves;

Once in Fraserburgh Fitness Centre, sign the register at the front desk - this is only a fire register to ensure if the worst was to happen the staff can make sure everyone is out of the building.

Next, take a seat and wait for your therapist. We do our best to run on time, however there will be the odd occasion when we over run. We know you are sitting waiting, but if someone has been particularly sore we try to make sure they are as well as they can be before leaving. Please understand we are working as fast as we can to get to you. Next time it might be you that needs just a little extra time. Don’t worry though, if we take you late - you will still get your full time.

Your turn! You will be shown into the room and asked to take a seat, we just want to find out a bit about you and to start sussing out what we are dealing with. As with every single thing you can think of, there is some paper work that needs to be filled out. Nothing too daunting - Why your here, Name, Address, Contact Information and more about you. It might sound strange that we ask what your occupation or hobbies are, but we need to know what you are doing on a day to day basis. This helps us to work out what you might be doing to either cause your sore bit, or what is stopping it from getting better.

Okay, we know where you live and what you do - down to work! The treatment tends to start with a physical assessment. Depending on why you are here this might be done through your clothes, or you will be asked to remove relevant layers to allow us to see your muscles moving or even how they are supporting you while you stand or walk. Please don’t stress about this. We are not looking at what you look like, we are looking to see what’s wrong and to start trying to back track to where the issue is coming from.

At this stage, we will need to do some work on you. Usually this involves you, the client, undressing to your underwear. Yes... we need to get to your legs even though it’s your back that’s sore. Again, we are not looking at you, we are discreet and turn away, we tend to set the bed up with a pillow for support and get towels so you are covered. Yes we will remain in the room, the last thing we want is for you to fall or slip while trying to get on the table.

Now, you’re lying down. You maybe face down, or maybe lying on your back... either way we will start working. Although you are covered in towels, we will need to uncover the area we plan to work on. Only that area. We promise that although you will probably feel a little exposed, it’s not as much as you’re thinking. We don’t see stubbly legs or that birth mark you have hated on your back since you knew it was there, we see muscle and connective tissue and tendons and ligaments. It is these that we are trying to loosen and release so you don’t have the ache you came to us with.

As I mentioned earlier, we might need to work on areas you wouldn’t expect. If your lower back is achy, we will also need to do your legs. If your arm is giving you bother, we need to work on your shoulders. As we work away and chat to you, we will let you know what we are doing, why we are doing it and what we are about to do next. Just so you know really. We have been where you are, we know what it’s like to have the towel suddenly flicked back over your back... are you done? Do you have to move? Where did the therapist go? It’s not nice being unsure of what’s happening so we try to make sure you don’t feel like that.

Okay... this is the part that your friends and family have been winding you up about - How sore is this going to be?! I won’t lie, if you come to us and you are already sore, what we do might be uncomfortable. We can find the tight bits, the sore bits but we don’t know how badly it feels for you. We have ways of reading your body when you don’t say anything, we will give you a pain scale to work with so we know how sore you are. Bottom line, talk to us. Just tell us how you feel and if you’re not sure about anything, ask.

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